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19 MAY
Pros Of Responsive E-Commerce Websites And Mobile Apps Sanjay Technologies / Comments

Did you know the latest statistics? People are now using their Smartphone’s for approximately the majority of online purchases. For this reason, many retailers are starting to invest more in mobile-friendly website to hold and attract customers. On the other hand, some are left wondering that they already created a mobile-friendly website. Is still required to build a mobile app? What is the best platform for e-commerce, a mobile site or app? In this blog post, Sanjay Technologies

5 Essential Keyword Research Guidelines For SEO Sanjay Technologies / Comments

How essential is keyword research to Search Engine Optimization? Fine, the answer is more essential, because you can’t rank top in search engine by stuffing your website with keywords. Moreover, with the support of accurate keywords, you can get your website top on the search engine results. Keyword research is the most significant and dominant strategies for any SEO process. So, make sure to hire skilled professionals for your website. In addition, if you’re searching for the

SEO Risks To Take And Avoid Sanjay Technologies / Comments

Many business individuals have a difficulty in considering the value of SEO. There are lots of merits and demerits are out there about Search Engine Optimization, and it can actually raise the difficulty of this decision. Most the SEO tactic will take more months to give the positive results, and the tactics may not make sense for non-SEOers, it can make an important development in a company’s online experience and profits. The question that rises for everyone is what the SEO risks

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